Lynx would not be impressed – on semantics and HTML

Lynx would not be impressed – on semantics and HTML | Christian Heilmann.

This article reads like a breath of fresh air in a way. While we spend every waking moment talking about the latest and greatest newness on the Web, there is a much bigger ‘real world’ out there that we all work to build. Are we going about it the wrong way? When is the last time you honestly asked yourself that? Are we building the Web that no one wants, what it wasn’t designed to be?

I think about it a lot to be honest, especially when it comes to Web apps. Web apps, to me, caught on because of their utility and their speed. We’re losing sight of that in some areas by making things way over the top and taking away from a core purpose by adding way too much frosting. On the other hand, some of the next level development we’re gleaning from is pushing things in a great direction.

As with everything in life: it’s about balance.