Moving the Stable Web Forward in IE10 Release Preview

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Say whaaat?

As part of Windows 8 Release Preview planning, we reviewed all the W3C draft standards supported by IE10. In particular, we looked for those specifications that:

  • Are stable, that is, there were no recent additions or changes and no renaming or major changes are expected;
  • Are supported by at least two browsers other than IE10;
  • Are interoperable across all these browsers for the features’ core use cases;
  • Are already used on the Web, including in their unprefixed form; and
  • Reached Candidate Recommendation since Windows 8 Consumer Preview or are likely to become Candidate Recommendations in 2012.

The following W3C draft standard features match these criteria and IE10 now supports them in their unprefixed form:

For compatibility with sites and apps developed using the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, IE10 also supports these standards in their vendor-prefixed form using the Microsoft vendor prefixes (‑ms‑/ms).

IE10 also supports the following W3C draft standards in vendor-prefixed form. We believe these drafts do not yet meet the criteria listed above:

Hot dang.