Mozilla — Webmaker

Mozilla — Webmaker —

Another fantastic endeavor from Mozilla: Webmaker. Be sure to check out their article that introduces the project.

I sincerely think this effort shines a light on an area that will do nothing but explode in years to come. The Web is a mind-blowing place not only for users, but also for those of us that are building and contributing to it each and every day.

The modern Web is more accessible to tinkerers than it ever has been. I remember when I was a teenager being so thankful to a friend who would let me have a folder on their shared hosting account because something like that was just so far out of reach for me. Today anyone can get a shared host for a few bucks a month and build just about anything on it using a literal abundance of tools at our fingertips.

When I compare my development experience on the Web from ten years ago to my daily life today, I honestly can’t fathom what another ten years is going to do.