Noah Stokes / Designblind

Noah Stokes and I think alike. With each post of his I find myself more and more in line with the same experiences/frustrations/inspirations as he. We also have a ridiculously similar sense of humor. He’s a funny guy, and he’s said a number of things that I’ve either thought or haven’t afforded articulation quite yet. This one, though, ranks high:

In fact, instead of noting some great IA or great color scheme [clients] point out the fact that they can’t read any of the ‘Lorem ipsum’ and there seems to be a typo in the footer.

A recent article he published speaks about how some people just don’t recognize good design. I agree with him in full. If that weren’t the case, you’d actually see the same live site as you do in the portfolio.

Please take a minute to read Noah’s article, he’s very good at writing things in a practical, covering-both-sides kind of way. Just my style.

Noah Stokes | Es Bueno / Designblind.