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Posted: June 12, 2006 Comments(9)

As many may already know, 9rules has accepted 115 new members in their 4th round of expansion. The 9rules Network is a great resource for finding some really excellent content on the Web. As stated by 9rules:

The 9rules Network is a community of the best weblogs in the world on a variety of topics. We started 9rules to give passionate writers more exposure and to help readers find great blogs on their favorite subjects. It’s difficult to find sites worth returning to, so 9rules brings together the very best of the independent web all under one roof.

9rules has led me to some really great sites with unique content that is constantly updated and well managed. It has turned into a great resource for anyone who is looking for some well written content on an ever expanding list of topics.

I’m excited to announce my acceptance into the 9rules Network and I’d like to thank Paul “Scrivs” Scrivens (Wisdump and Oreo CEO), Colin D. Devroe, Mike Rundle (Business Logs and, and Tyme White ( for taking the time to review Monday By Noon and accept the site as a member of your Network.

I decided it was best to wait until the formalities had been taken before posting on Monday By Noon’s acceptance. Now that I have read the 9rules Member Agreement and posted the 9rules badge, I feel more comfortable speaking about it.

I think a major reason for the acceptance into 9rules is some of the great user generated content that the site has provided. There were times where the reader comments added detail that otherwise wouldn’t have been included and that’s one of the primary goals of Monday By Noon; to provide readers not only a resource which has some standalone usefulness, but also provides a speaking ground should the reader have something to contribute.

Again, thanks to 9rules for accepting the site into your network and I’m glad to be a member and hope to bring some valuable content to the community. Thanks again.

In the coming days I hope to make a few improvements around the site, including some more organized article management, preventing the e-mail signup from being used to send spam, and utilizing the functionality of a contact form that can’t be abused by spambots either. I’d also like to tidy up a few loose ends that have been on my nerves; so if something seems out of place, be sure to refresh and chances are it will be fixed on the spot.

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  1. Thanks for the support guys, I’m glad to be a member as it was truly one of my goals when I started this site.

  2. Thanks for all the support, it’s readers like you that helped the site to get in with your intelligent posts in responses to the articles — thanks for helping the site along.

  3. Congratulations and good luck with the 9rules submission … but what exactly does this have to do with ANYTHING in the world of webdev? Like I do every Monday, I woke up with high expectations of another post but still managed to stifle them until mid-way through my work day when I knew a new article would await me.

    What do I find? This. 9rules. Woo-hoo.

    Stop slacking! Make with the content Mr. Webmaster. DANCE FOR ME!

    .. I’m serious.

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