Overcoming Project Guilt

Overcoming Project Guilt.

There’s a trend about work patterns, dedication, and finding a “balance” when it comes to work and life. The trouble with such a broad topic is that it’s so subjective, so situational. The advice you’re reading in one article will do anything but correlate to the next, but it might be great all the same. Life comes in seasons, and it’s important to keep that in mind when you read about the guy who works two days a week because the rest of his time is taken up by traveling to exotic places, speaking at high profile events, or launching his newest entrepreneurial venture.

Situations are a big factor, and supremely important. By nature we’re envious people. We want what that guy’s got because it seems so great and awesome. If only our life were like that, then we’d be happy. Chris hits the nail on the head by giving us all a dose of reality when it comes to these circumstantial secrets to success and happiness. I’ve only been a dad for about 10 weeks, but it’s all too easy to see how fatherhood (and more specifically: being a husband) can take a back seat to wanting to do great things when it comes to work. Reading Chris’ piece this morning just ignited me for the week ahead.