Packages: The Way Forward for PHP

Packages: The Way Forward for PHP | Blog | Phil Sturgeon.

I must admit: although I’m not a RoR guy, package management via gem is a beautiful thing. I didn’t fully realize it until reading this article, but PHP has absolutely nothing like that. When it comes to PHP everyone is at their own camp site doing their own thing and it’s likely been done a few times over.

I say that with the understanding that things are being rewritten not for educational purposes, but for the intent of releasing as yet another open source framework.

If you write PHP you know there are literally countless frameworks, micro frameworks, and now unframeworks that have cropped up over the past year. They’re sometimes here and gone in a flash and that makes it really difficult to audit potential classes to use.

It sounds like there’s a legit package management solution in the works by some really talented PHP developers. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this as I branch out into more applications from the ground up.