What’s Broken?

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I like to pretend that I GTD. If I’m honest I only half-heartedly utilize such a system because I don’t make the appropriate amount of time to do so. I feel GTD is misunderstood in some ways, the primary being that it’s supposed to magically make your to-do list appear in a well organized way before your very eyes with the click of a mouse. It doesn’t take long to realize how far from the truth that is. GTD is a personal methodology that can be unique to every person depending on both your circumstance and approach to it.

While this article doesn’t talk specifically about GTD, I like that it parallels with a lot of it. Going from room to room (context) and making a list of what needs to get done (inbox actions). We can pull back even further and get a bit meta with it by applying this technique to other areas of our life. Our development workflow, our estimation process, our scope definition process. There will always be something broken that needs fixing. It’s just a matter of effectively recognizing it and outlining the steps you can take to get it right.