Permission to Suck


I’m glad to have read this article this morning as I just got done listening to an episode of Quit! that speaks to this topic exactly. Garrett Dimon was the special guest and he outlined an awesome quote (I can’t recall the author and the link isn’t in the show notes) that outlines the fact that as creative people it’s very often that our initial efforts underwhelm our expectations by a long shot. This phase occurs on the level of years and it’s rare that people survive it. We stop pursuing something because our expectations exceeded our ability. It’s those that continue to put forth exorbitant effort that overcome that hurdle and turn into the people we look up to and strive to work like.

You can’t expect to be proficient at something right out of the gate. At first you need to rely on your passion for it and use that to carry yourself through the frustration of learning a craft and getting good at it.

Update: Here’s a link to the aforementioned quote: