Physical vs. Digital

Physical vs. Digital.

This is a great piece that really hits home for me. Admittedly I don’t do that many physical projects but this summer my wife and I saved up some cash to have some new plants put around our house. Anyone who has gone through that knows that new plants need a lot of attention and water, and with my wife being just a few days away from having our first baby I’ve pretty much taken the reigns on making sure things get watered, weeded, and trimmed up. I’ve found it to be a really relaxing chore, and often look forward to it now to be honest. Moving away from the desk, away from liquid crystal displays, and getting my hands dirty adds some much needed variance and I’m really thankful for that. Further, my wife has been working really hard on the nursery and in my trying to help with that I’ve been putting together furniture, painting, and cleaning up some old small furniture we picked up here or there that needed a refinishing. Those projects have been really great and given me a sense of accomplishment, especially given the context. All that to say Garrett really hit the nail on the head with this piece.