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This is super interesting. I like that this is the third (maybe fourth) free WordPress theme framework I’ve seen crop up in the past half year or so.

What stands out about PressWork at first glance for me is how polished the site is, and how well along the screenshots appear to be. This is the first theme framework I’ve seen that comes with a custom front-end editor. While not my cup of tea per se, I know that both my clients and myself have been using the admin bar like crazy to quickly get to an edit screen without traversing menus and other nav systems. Front-end editing seems like it might be the next logical step for ease of editing. How that translates to effective development and maintenance, though, remains to be seen.

I’ll definitely be downloading and checking out this theme framework, and would recommend you do the same. There’s likely a nugget or more to learn about WordPress itself.

via @jschuller

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  1. Damn! front-end editor is pretty well done. With you though, I can’t see a practical application for it. Maybe it’s good for For developers, Roots theme all the way, my man. Boilerplate + a URL rewrite structure.

  2. I found out about Presswork just this year. I think it’s an awesome minimalist theme, and WP theme framework for theme developers. It really saves a lot of time.

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