Principles That Go Against The Grain

Not too long ago, Kevin and myself had the opportunity to represent Iron to Iron at Create Upstate, which is:

One incredible conference celebrating community, inspiring action, and connecting Upstate New York designers. Safe to say, you won’t want to miss it.

Kevin and I were psyched when this opportunity came up. We really enjoy the area we live, work, and play. To find a conference that focuses on the fact that you can do top shelf work from anywhere in the world is awesome. To find one that dials in on your specific geographic location is even awesomer.

Kevin and I put together a talk titled Principles That Go Against The Grain:

Our industry is plagued with practices that have always been irritating but rarely questioned. Many have come to accept these practices as “part of the job” but we disagree. Your process shouldn’t be based on what others are doing but instead on how you provide the best service. We feel that RFPs, concurrent projects, and other common workflows do our clients a disservice and we would love to talk about why.

We had an absolute blast at Create Upstate and cannot wait to make it back!