psd.js – A Photoshop PSD file parser in JavaScript

psd.js – A Photoshop PSD file parser in Javascript.

This is kind of blowing my mind right now, I’m not sure if it’s because of just seeing zip.js, but the fact that the goal of this library is to parse PSDs is amazing!

I made a quick test PSD catered to psd.js’s capabilities so far and it worked great. Testing a PSD from my latest client project proved to be a challenge but that’s completely expected and I hope to be able to take some time to review the code in more depth to see just how this thing is working.

Perhaps what excites me most is the roadmap for psd.js. I’m imagining the Photoshop-less tools that could be made to either extract data or more impressively convert data to new file formats for alternative image editors that have similar functionality to Photoshop.