Pullin’ a Rabbit out of a Black Hat

Pullin' a Rabbit out of a Black Hat | Privacy Online News.

The term ‘hacking’ is extraordinarily romanticized in the world. Hollywood loves to make it action packed and exciting. There is a semantic war between the terms ‘hacker’ and ‘cracker’ but without getting into that, let’s conform to discussing black hat hacking, the bad stuff.

The reality behind black hat hacking (as I understand it) are less glamorous and more along the lines of social engineering scams and malware as opposed to down-to-the-clock bank break ins we see in the movies.

Things like Bitcoin change that, though. With Bitcoin, people will have actual money lying around on their servers. If experience shows, that’s not a good thing. We saw this first hand recently and while Bitcoin isn’t something I’d consider touching any time soon, it gives ‘hacking’ even more perspective.