Rabbit holes: Why being smart hurts your productivity

Rabbit holes: Why being smart hurts your productivity : Sridatta Thatipamala – Developer and Entrepreneur.

I’m not alone! This article highlights specifically the issues and patterns I’ve recognized with myself over the past few years. His opening story about spending 30 minutes trying to find a new highlighting plugin mirrors countless experiences of mine. I’m so quick to find myself on a tangent after deceiving myself into thinking it’s somewhat applicable to the problem or task at hand.

What I found really interesting was where the author took the article. Specifically the comparison between those that work with their office door open and those that work with it closed.

Further, while his personal solution isn’t the most pretty, it targets a fundamental principal I’ve held on to for a long time. Keep track of your goals at hand and if you’re truly trying to be as productive as possible simply ask yourself if what you’re doing at this very moment is contributing to getting it done.