Responsive Deliverables


This is a great piece that helps us to take a step back and think about some fundamentals. Working on a client project that involves responsive design is becoming increasingly difficult. (This is where the ‘design in the browser’ camp dwellers raise their pitchforks.) The first problem (most of the time) is explaining what responsive design is to a client that’s never heard of it before. Unless that foundation is laid, you’ll never get past the starting line. From there, it’s working through the design process with the client, trying to explain and display what it is you have in mind without having to actually build it first to get your point across. I like Dave’s idea here:

![](Screenshot of modules on

He’s pitching the idea that instead of presenting fully finalized design comps, perhaps we can approach things in a different direction by abstracting our methods of front end development to the design layer itself by presenting modules of design. That’s awesome. I’m thinking out loud here, but I’d like to take some time fleshing out what that would have looked like within our most recent project.