(Selfish) What’s Next for Web Development?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future in a lot of ways and I’m stuck in a bit of a loop when it comes to what I’d like to do in the next five years development-wise. I’m talking specifics, kind of focusing on the stuff that doesn’t really matter: my tech stack.

We always say that the underlying tech doesn’t matter, and it doesn’t when it comes to realizing ideas, but it does when it comes to being excited about the work you’re doing.

It’s hard to label what I’ve spent the past decade doing because it’s such a mix; client side, server side, database stuff, pretty much everything to make a website work. I like that it’s a mixed bag and feel it’s good to be well rounded. But it also keeps me from having strong opinions, opinions I’d like to have (I think?)


I’ve attempted to keep my work broad but at the same time have applied that knowledge to the WordPress ecosystem in the majority of my projects. WordPress has been the basis for my learning for a long time and I owe it quite a bit for that.

But WordPress is changing. A lot.

In my development travels I’ve kept up with frameworks like Laravel but also branched out into JavaScript quite a bit (Vue is so good) and can’t help but have what I have in my head cause me to question whether it’s time to shore up not only what I do know but my desire to know more about how things are done outside my bubble.

What’s your position?

I wrote this post with the prefix of (Selfish) because I selfishly want to know about the crowd’s perception of modern web development.

  • PHP is great. I know PHP and it’s maturing every day.
  • JavaScript is very intriguing. It too has matured and is maturing rapidly, and language utilization both server side and client side seems like a really neat place to be.
  • Exploration is a huge factor in my love of development, and JavaScript presents many opportunities for learning by doing (my favorite way to learn).
  • The JavaScript world is bustling with innovation and it’s mostly all over my head. That discomfort can many times be a good place to be.

I’m not so much questioning what server-side language would be great to get into, but more along the lines of: is JavaScript going to be the green field choice for web developers from here on out?

Thinking 30 years down the line are we going to have this segmentation in language or is the coalescence of JavaScript going to be even more industry (and world changing) as time goes on?

Lately I’m just thinking about change a lot, about the future a lot, and I’m wondering what you’ve got to say about it.