Starting Over | Get Real | Jason Fried

Starting Over | Get Real | Jason Fried |

Basecamp is getting rebuilt. From scratch. This is music to my ears even though I don’t use the software. 37signals is a bar in our industry. They know their stuff and it’s inspiring to see what they do and read what they write. They’re progressive thinkers and they know it. The Web is new, and antiquated thoughts, processes, and business does not apply.

This decision going public reminds me very much of the way Apple approaches themselves: stay ahead of the competition by outdoing what you’ve already done. Apple is constantly killing products when something better has taken it’s place, that’s the whole point. Old business seems to suggest “do both” but Apple has proven that’s not the way to go every time.

37signals’ Basecamp is Apple’s iPod. Basecamp is going to be killed off by 37signals with Basecamp 2, and Apple kills off old iPods with every new generation for the most part. It’s aggressive and progressive but to me it makes complete sense. I can’t wait to see the new and improved Basecamp.