Style Tiles: An Alternative to Full Design Comps

Style Tiles: An Alternative to Full Design Comps | Webdesigntuts+.

We don’t talk much about the actual design processes we have in place, at least not in the detail we outline development workflows. Why is that? Are design processes just too personal that they can’t be explained in writing? Without diving too deep, I think there’s some truth to that, but I like the idea of what this author is calling Style Tiles.

As covered in the article, you often see interior designers using mood boards to illustrate their vision for a project, could something like that work in Web design where we’re moving further and further away from the static compositions that have gotten us to this point?

One of the hardest things to convey to clients during a kickoff meeting or design presentation is how the site is going to act, how it’s going to feel, how it’s going to respond when it ends up in it’s final context. Perhaps a tool like this could help with that?