Sublime Merge

I woke up to some interesting news today in that the makers of the beloved Sublime Text have debuted a completely new git GUI client called Sublime Merge. This is interesting to me on a number of levels.

Sublime Merge main window

I think the first thing that struck me was the pleasant surprise of discovering the tool. I haven’t heard even such a whisper of this product being in development, so seeing that it’s available for sale on day one is a nice thing.

The second thing that came to mind was: huh?

I mean on many levels it makes sense that a company who built one of the most popular text editors ever is tightly invested in git, but on the other hand it seems like Sublime Text is such a popular tool with so much to do (and so much to keep up with) that building another product alongside it doesn’t seem possible.

It feels like this is a tool the Sublime HQ team has been using internally for a long time, getting it just right to do things in the same way that got them to build Sublime Text in the first place:

  • Super fast
  • Minimal and out of your way
  • Super geeky (read: awesome) workflow that lots will love

It seems like Sublime Merge fits right in with that position, and that’s wonderful. I really like that it has conflict resolution built right in:

Sublime Merge conflict resolution

All in all, especially in this age of so many developers flocking to Visual Studio Code (myself included) I like that this exists, I think some of the workflows are really clever and it’ll be a tool that many developers will find indispensable soon enough.