Sumo’s New SumoSac Review: “Big” is Not the Word for it

Sumo Logo

Nearly two years ago, Andrew from Sumo sent me a quick note asking whether or not I’d be at all interested in checking out one of his products for review. I accepted the offer and let everyone know how great I thought the Sumo Lounge Omni Chair was. It was great. It instantly turned into my favorite place to play Xbox 360 for sure.

Recently, Andrew sent me another note wondering if I may be interested in trying out a new product from Sumo. He indicated in his email that the new product is even bigger. Amused by that, I went ahead and checked it out his site. He wasn’t kidding, the SumoSac is a huge beanbag!

I thanked Andrew for the offer and anxiously awaited the arrival of the SumoSac. A short time later, a box arrived ready to burst at the seams. I’m not quite sure how Sumo did it, but squeezing a SumoSac into a box the way they do must be no small feat.

The instructions for the beanbag indicated that instead of being filled with foam beads, the SumoSac is filled with “100% shredded furniture grade urethane foam” which was vacuum packed for shipping. It wasn’t until after removing it from the box when I truly saw how big this beanbag was. I went ahead and put on the zippered cover (which will be great for washing) and broke apart the foam pieces. It’s documented that the foam takes about 24 hours to fully expand, so the next day the bag was even bigger.

I’ve got to say that while the Sumo Lounge Omni makes a pristine Xbox 360 chair, the SumoSac will make you question your couch. It’s a great piece of furniture, and the only problem I’ve got now is that my living room is too small.

I would highly recommend the SumoSac if you’re considering a very high quality, long lasting, alternative seating arrangement.