I’m not sure if I’ve become too detached or something, but this is the first time I’ve heard of Susy which can’t be well described by calling it a Sass library because it’s just as much a philosophy. Susy seems to have been born out of the customization frustrations found with more traditional CSS frameworks and techniques. As per Susy’s docs:

In a world of agile development and super-tablet-multi-magic-laptop-phones, the best layouts can’t be contained in a single framework or technique. CSS Libraries are a bloated mess of opinions about how to do your job. Why let the table-saw tell you where to put the kitchen?

Okay, I’m intrigued. To date I haven’t latched on to any sort of framework and prefer to use a small mixin I wrote to help me generate columns using the power of Sass. I haven’t needed or wanted much more than that because every time I’ve tried a framework, the conventions put in place break down (for me) in a number of places. Too often do I resort to using the framework for the overall structure and then using my own on the internals. Susy seems to tackle that head on, check out this video:

Susy is one of those projects that immediately grabbed my attention and focus. I can’t say for sure whether it works for me but I can say that my interest is fully piqued.