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Sizing Boxes (Back to the Future)

Sizing Boxes (Back to the Future) – destroy/dstorey. I’ve been using box-sizing:border-box; more and more lately as it seems. Especially with the Bootstrap-inspired style guides I’ve been working on for client projects. There are a few times where it just makes sense, and I think once I’m beyond my habitual omission of the property, I’ll […]

Posted: July 24, 2012

* { box-sizing: border-box } FTW

* { box-sizing: border-box } FTW « Paul Irish. The universal selector got a bit of a bad reputation when people used it as a CSS reset. There are some performance concerns when using it, but Paul Irish makes a great suggestion here. border-box is a good thing, just as long as you can break […]

Posted: February 19, 2012