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WordPress Archive Pages Based on Custom Taxonomy

Customizing and segmenting Custom Taxonomy archive pages can be a bit difficult until you determine what exactly is going on under the hood and implementing from there. Custom Taxonomies in WordPress are a very powerful feature, let’s figure out how to make some nice looking archive pages for them.

Posted: September 06, 2010

Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies, and Permalinks in WordPress 3.0

Custom Post Types are a huge boon to everything WordPress. The feature has been long awaited, and lays a nice foundation for WordPress becoming more of a CMS to those still convinced it’s merely a blogging engine.

Posted: September 06, 2010

WordPress Custom Post Types & PHPurchase: Best Cart Ever – Part 2

After discussing the benefits of using WordPress 3.0+, Custom Post Types, and PHPurchase over other available e-commerce solutions, this article will walk you through the installation of PHPurchase and integration with Custom Post Types for your product listings.

Posted: August 09, 2010

WordPress Custom Post Types & Pods: What’s Next?

On more than on occasion I’ve been asked about my future with Pods specifically given the immanent release of WordPress 3.0 featuring Custom Post Types. On the spot, I didn’t have to ponder too much, but I did want to let things seep in for a while before explaining my stance in full.

Posted: May 31, 2010