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Achieving overnight success: Kevin Systrom

Achieving overnight success: Kevin Systrom. This is a really appropriate article given the timing. Many people are ‘inspired’ by Instagram’s seemingly overnight success but it falls into the same category as just about every assumed quick success we’ve read about: it definitely wasn’t overnight. Sure there are coincidences that may contribute to a rapid succession […]

Posted: May 08, 2012

alexmic/filtrr – GitHub

alexmic/filtrr – GitHub. Instagram in JavaScript. I’m continually interested in learning more about canvas and really need to get in gear.

Posted: February 06, 2012

Instagram Engineering Challenge: Solved in HTML5

http://feval.info/instagram/canvas.html Recently, Instagram released their Engineering Challenge: The Unshredder which challenged developers to de-shred an image. These guys did it in HTML5. Definitely worth viewing source on this one.

Posted: November 16, 2011