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Coding Horror: How to Hire a Programmer

Coding Horror: How to Hire a Programmer. I’ve been a reader of Jeff Atwood for some time now. I’ve lost count of the impactful entries I’ve read on Coding Horror but the overall percentage is super high. I really like this piece in that it’s straightforward, smart, and offers really great tips to both people […]

Posted: March 07, 2012

Front-end Job Interview Questions

Front-end Job Interview Questions. I like posts like this not because I plan on putting myself in a position of hiring people any time soon, but to keep myself in check. This is a good list to sift through and see which areas of yours are weak. Make a conscious effort to tackle those issues […]

Posted: February 20, 2012

Episode 15 – Creatiplicity

Jonathan Christopher – Episode 15 « Creatiplicity. I am honored to have been a guest on the latest installment of Creatiplicity, a fantastic podcast put together by none other than Chris Bowler and Shawn Blanc. It will take but a few moments for you to catch on that it was my first ever Podcast, but […]

Posted: September 22, 2011

An Interview with Jonathan Snook

Recently, I was able to pull Jonathan Snook away from his many projects for a few minutes to have a quick chat.

Posted: December 31, 2007