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jQuery plugin for Avgrund concept popin

jQuery plugin for Avgrund concept popin. Woo this is sharp looking. Modal dialogs have become a very valuable UI element we see and use every day. It’s great to see innovation continuing to happen in this space, and Avgrund Modals do just that. I think the resulting effect is quite neat and it’s implementation is […]

Posted: September 04, 2012


BaseDemo – HorizontalNav. HorizontalNav is a jQuery plugin that does what’s on the tin. Navigation systems are arguably the most important element of Web design (opinion: mine) and I’ve built more horizontal navigation systems than I’d care to count. Each one had it’s own unique flare which acted as a solid foundation for my embracing […]

Posted: September 04, 2012

Step by step from jQuery to Backbone

writings/published/understanding-backbone.md at master · kjbekkelund/writings. Good gosh this is so good. I’m still on my Backbone.js kick and it’s no secret that I’ve been working with jQuery for many years now, so an article like this is beyond appropriate for me personally. I think a number of others are in a very similar boat so […]

Posted: July 24, 2012

The New Sizzle

jQuery Blog » The New Sizzle. Sizzle, in my opinion, doesn’t get quite enough of the spotlight from time to time. It’s a huge part of what made jQuery so awesome to pick up and run with, and it’s still undergoing massive iterative change as the browserscape matures. This post outlines what’s coming down the […]

Posted: July 20, 2012

You half assed it. That is why your PhoneGap application sucks.

You half assed it. That is why your PhoneGap application sucks.. I love articles like this. While there’s a strong level of linkbait and hyperbole it’s great to hear the ‘other’ side of the story. PhoneGap hit the ground running and got picked up like crazy, and then people started dogging on it for performance […]

Posted: June 07, 2012

Select2 2.0

Select2 2.0. This is quite a slick little library that looks like Chosen but does a bit more. I like keeping links like this in my pocket as new projects come up. I specifically keep an eye on the changes version to version to try and get a feel for the overall stability of the […]

Posted: June 07, 2012


jQuery++. While jQuery has long proven itself to be a de facto, go-to library that makes your life exponentially easier, there are some things jQuery wasn’t designed to cover. Meet jQuery++. What I like about this project is that it digs deep. It’s primary focus is to provide low-level utilities not supported by jQuery and […]

Posted: June 05, 2012


Redactor. Wow, two new WYSIWYG editors in a single month, this must be some sort of 2012 record. Redactor is a new (to me) WYSIWYG editor that piggybacks jQuery to give youyour clients a really nice way of editing content. I really like the drag and drop upload integration for media, and especially the nice […]

Posted: May 29, 2012

Safer event handling with jQuery namespaced events

Safer event handling with jQuery namespaced events | 456 Berea Street. This is really a fantastic tip and something I’ve been bitten with before as well. Writing open source software is really a fantastic way to throw yourself in the deep end when trying to adhere to best practices. For those of you like me […]

Posted: May 25, 2012

Real Shadow: jQuery Plugin that casts photorealistic shadows

Real Shadow: jQuery Plugin that casts photorealistic shadows. This is quite a neat little jQuery plugin that does what’s on the tin: add photorealistic shadows to DOM elements.

Posted: May 17, 2012