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Slicy – Magic with PSDs

MacRabbit – Slicy – Magic with PSDs. This, for me, is one of those “I can’t believe it went until 2012 without this existing” stories. Slicy is the latest application from MacRabbit, the shop famous for Espresso and CSSEdit before that. When building out the front end, you may be all too familiar with the […]

Posted: April 04, 2012

Agile is a Sham

Agile is a Sham – William Edwards, Coder. Linkbait title aside, there’s some interesting points raised in this article. I haven’t worked directly within the Agile process for a large extent of time, I’m the only developer on my team. I’m severely interested in it though. I see the business angle to software development, it’s […]

Posted: March 28, 2012

One Man’s Developer Workflow

One Man’s HTML5 Developer Workflow | Emerging Tech Talk. We’re interested in the way other people work. I’m not sure how closely my inspirations align with everyone else’s but I do know that more often than not the average developer or designer is interested in how their colleagues work. Personally I’m interested in the tools, […]

Posted: January 23, 2012

I Went to the Dentist & Here’s What I Learned About Client Work

I recently spent some time at the dentist’s office and through my anxiety, took some notes to compare my experience to our client work. There are a lot of parallels aligning our industry with other service industries, and it’s rare that I get a conscious, extended look from ‘the other side’.

Posted: September 05, 2011

Improving Your Process: Work from the Inside Out

Many designers and developers I’ve observed over the years have a particular way of tackling a new project. I approach new projects in a specific way, working from the inside out, in an effort to be as forward thinking as possible on as detailed a level as possible.

Posted: October 04, 2010

Improving Your Process: Effectively Estimating Projects

Estimates are the life blood of our industry. If anyone out there is getting jobs consistently without having to go through an estimation process, you’ve got some dark magic going on that I’d love to know more about. Estimates are a double edged sword though; we need them to get jobs, but the work is non-billable.

Posted: April 12, 2010

Improving Your Process: Establishing Style Guides

I’m becoming increasingly comfortable with the idea that at least some form of style guide, whether on a team or individually, is an extremely important part of the process. It helps with everything from readability to quality control and especially helps a team become that much more cohesive.

Posted: March 29, 2010

Please Excuse the Wet Paint, it’s Just About Dry

One of the goals I challenged myself with for 2010 was to redesign Monday By Noon. I’m really happy to say that inspiration struck early, and I was able to launch the revamp much sooner than originally planned. I’d like to share with you the process I went through in designing the latest version of MBN, and also request that you check out the latest and greatest design.

Posted: February 15, 2010

Improving Your Process: Faster Front End Development

Time is very important in Web design. Here are a few tips to keep that time to a minimum, allowing for budgeted experimentation and polish.

Posted: June 15, 2009

Improving Your Process: The Browser Gauntlet

Having an effective browser test suite for Web design should be a terribly important part of your process.

Posted: March 09, 2009