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JavaScript Patterns

This is going to be a stop on my self-implemented JavaScript cleanse: ![http://shichuan.github.io/javascript-patterns/img/js-patterns.png](JavaScript Patterns) It’s a collection of both patterns and antipatterns we continually find in JavaScript. Checking these out will give me insight into approaches I’ve never tried before in addition to corrections to weak points in my implementation approaches I’ve accepted as “proper”.

Posted: April 09, 2013

Understanding JavaScript OOP

Understanding JavaScript OOP — Sorella’s Basement. I’m quite enamored by resources like these, as I’ve linked to a number of them in the past. This is an awesome walkthrough of the ins and outs of JavaScript with a particular focus on OOP. OOP in JavaScript isn’t what many trained programmers are used to, so finding […]

Posted: October 16, 2012