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Select2 2.0

Select2 2.0. This is quite a slick little library that looks like Chosen but does a bit more. I like keeping links like this in my pocket as new projects come up. I specifically keep an eye on the changes version to version to try and get a feel for the overall stability of the […]

Posted: June 07, 2012

Creating Custom Form Elements Using jQuery: Selects

How to progressively enhance your form select dropdowns using JavaScript (jQuery)

Posted: February 23, 2009

Selects, JavaScript, and Usability: Please help.

Driver download interfaces drive me nuts. Attaching JavaScript functions to selects, in my opinion, is just plain wrong from a usability standpoint. How can we better improve this implementation that still finds its way to the Internet, on the largest of corporate websites?

Posted: October 01, 2007