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Cross Browser HTML5 Progress Bars In Depth

Cross Browser HTML5 Progress Bars In Depth. We’ve been working with audio and video for some time now, but are you taking advantage of the progress element? Chances are you may not even know of it’s presence, but it’s wicked sweet. With Web apps becoming more and more advanced, visual feedback is important. Until now, […]

Posted: January 04, 2012

Please Excuse the Wet Paint, it’s Just About Dry

One of the goals I challenged myself with for 2010 was to redesign Monday By Noon. I’m really happy to say that inspiration struck early, and I was able to launch the revamp much sooner than originally planned. I’d like to share with you the process I went through in designing the latest version of MBN, and also request that you check out the latest and greatest design.

Posted: February 15, 2010

Pods UI: The Latest and Greatest Addition to Pods

Pods UI is a great little plugin the sits on top of Pods and allows you to create WordPress admin navigation entries specifically tailored to the Pods structure you’re trying to implement. This article will show you the ground rules when it comes to Pods UI.

Posted: January 04, 2010