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Avoiding IFRAMES via PHP and cURL

With IFRAMES being so outdated, there is an alternative using PHP and cURL

Posted: November 23, 2009

WordPress ‘Attachments’ Plugin Debut

Attachments is a WordPress plugin that allows you to append any number of Media Library items to your Posts or Pages

Posted: November 02, 2009

SuggestRSS is Back and Way Better than Ever!

SuggestRSS is a website dedicated to helping you find some new feeds!

Posted: October 06, 2009

Two WordPress Plugins: Post Notes and Post Gallery

A small writeup surrounding the release of my first two WordPress Plugins

Posted: February 08, 2009

Find Some New Feeds Based on Your OPML

I’ve just launched a new side project, SuggestRSS, aimed at providing a feed suggestion service.

Posted: January 19, 2009

JavaScript Tools Coda Plugin

This plugin gives you the ability to Minify and Pack your JavaScript within Coda

Posted: December 15, 2008

CSS Tools Coda Plugin

CSS Tools allows you to reformat and compress your style sheets

Posted: December 15, 2008

Replicating TextMate: Comment Banner Plugin for Coda

This plugin replicates the comment banner functionality of TextMate

Posted: December 01, 2008

CSS Organization Methods and Writing Style

There are many ways to organize and optimize your CSS. This document discusses some of those methods.

Posted: September 01, 2008

Raising the Bar with Adaptive Templates

A recent project got me thinking about combining Super-Easy Blendy Backgrounds with CSS constants.

Posted: April 28, 2008