Taking Control of Contracts: What Every Creative Should Know

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There is a lot of very practical advice in this article. The one I’d like to call out here is the following:

Lawyers don’t typically advertise this, but the happy truth is, most people aren’t looking for ways to take advantage of you.  A more common problem – but one that can be just as costly – is that people tend to interpret the same information in different ways.

In my opinion, clarity is by far the most important thing when doing the work we do. Every one of us does the same thing in different ways, and our clients have little to no idea how we do it. It’s your job to help them understand, to ease their concerns, to make sure your relationship is more than a legally bound interaction. It’s a partnership. The quicker you’re able to explain things clearly and effectively, the faster you’ll move beyond (what doesn’t need to be) the ‘awkward contract phase’.