Ten Things Every WordPress Plugin Developer Should Know

Ten Things Every WordPress Plugin Developer Should Know | Smashing WordPress.

This is an older article, but I stumbled upon it for the first time recently and there are some great tips here. While it’s a ‘list post’ it follows through on being useful at the core, so don’t let the format bother you. There are a lot of little tips scattered through the bigger tips that you might not know about but could benefit from. Things like:

  • A more elaborate implementation of WP_DEBUG
  • Differences between include, include_once, require, and require_once

There are a couple of things I do a bit differently, but to that we can all say ‘to each his own’. For the sake of noting it:

  • I prefer Debug Bar and Debug Bar Extender in contrast to BlackBox for a few reasons including UI and the number of additional Debug Bar extension plugins
  • I avoid implementing custom database tables

All in all this is still a valuable article to check out if you work with WordPress