Ten Things I Hate About Object-Oriented Programming

Ten Things I Hate About Object-Oriented Programming — The JOT Blog.

It’s a rarity for me to read a post that does anything but assume the fact of OOP being the best way to approach application development and go from there. This was a nice, refreshing look at some of the frustrations I have when I work with objects and what surrounds them.

WordPress is (for now) largely procedural and that helps me and anyone else to become proficient in using everything from A to Z in a realistic timeframe. Sure, there are times when you hit a bit of a rabbit hole in chasing down function calls and tracking how the variables are handled, but for the most part it feels straightforward.

A big part of programming to me is the human factor — is it easy to read someone else’s code, even when you’re already familiar with the language? There are times I’ll be reviewing an application written in PHP, a language I’ve worked primarily in for years, that feel like they take way too long to understand. While that could be due to the author’s implementation, I sympathize with Oscar when he speaks about the issues of understanding someone else’s OOP.

On the complete other hand, there are many aspects of OOP that I’ve come to know, like, and embrace. I think Oscar’s second-to-last paragraph speaks well about The Next New Thing and that’s “all we’ll need” to be happy with OOP. I have a bias against ‘all we need to do’ and much favor just doing it; see where the dust settles. I know that’s super hard to accomplish with a programming language, but who knows.