The 12 Days of Attachments Pro

Merry Christmas, everybody! To celebrate the holiday (and the release of WordPress 3.3) Iron to Iron will be giving away free copies of Attachments Pro for the next 12 days!

Things will get more interesting as time goes on as well. For example, today we’ll be releasing a single copy of Attachments Pro. Tomorrow there will be two copies given away. On the third day we’ll give away three copies. You can see the trend here, so keep your eyes open as time goes on!

The rules are quite simple: either myself, Kevin, or Iron to Iron will be tweeting coupon codes for a single copy of Attachments Pro. If you’re interested in a free copy, just follow us and wait. The coupon code can be entered at checkout.

Remember: you can use any domain when registering your copy, it can be changed at any time down the line!

While you’re waiting for the codes, have a look at all the new greatness in WordPress 3.3!

Best of luck everybody, and have a very Merry Christmas!