The Dangerous Effects of Reading

The Dangerous Effects of Reading | Certain Extent.

I love this article. It puts into words thoughts and opinions I’ve been trying to wrap my head around for some time.

The Internet is designed to help us judge more efficiently.

Whether it be “Likes”, “Plusses”, “Followers”, “Stamps”, “Visits”, or any other metric we come up with to validate literally anything, we’ve built this culture around us that does nothing to help us discover or create unless we have the approval of others.

In addition to that, this massive social aspect of the Web creates so much noise it takes more effort than ever to get something in front of the masses. We’ve become so desensitized to the information flow around us, it takes (usually quite fleeting) extraordinary acts or “popular” people to get our attention.

It’s a dangerous, stagnant place we’ve invented here.

I’m noticing something new brewing, however. It’s likely because we’ve reached the end of the year, but I’m hearing more and more ‘high profile’ industry folks take notice of the fact that we’ve all been sitting around consuming, it’s time to express opinions, share, and give back. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t feed the machine of social votes and other gamification, but I fear at this point that’s unavoidable.