The Finite, Irreplaceable Hours of Your Life

Enemy Airship! . The Finite, Irreplaceable Hours of Your Life.

Fantastically inspirational. This hit home with me today because my wife and I are currently undergoing a flat out absence of TV in observation of Lent. For the past few weeks the only TV I’ve seen is the accidental glance when we were at someone else’s house.

We didn’t watch all that much TV in the first place, but we had our times of mini marathons of a series on Netflix. We felt lazy, we felt like we should be doing something else, but we thought the show was so good and watched just one more before bed.

I’m so glad that hasn’t been happening in the past few weeks. I’m not saying it’s something that should be removed from everyone’s life ASAP but I think once my wife and I got used to not having TV as part of our daily lives, we spent more quality time together, and spent more time doing things that actually enriched our lives. Replacing our TV time with personal study or study together has been awesome, inspirational.

I hope to deploy the fruits of my newfound ‘free time’ labor over the coming weeks or couple of months, and with my mind being that much more clear I see it as a definite instead of a possibility. These daily activities are feeling life-changing as the author put it. Maybe not in an epic, time bending fashion every day, but exponentially more than a fleeting TV show.

We’re only a few weeks in, but I truly think this routine is going to stick in place as a result of cutting TV out. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, we’re hovering around that point and are about half way through, I’m looking forward to the additional side effects.