The Great Discontent: Kyle Steed

The Great Discontent: Kyle Steed.

I’m going to wrap up my belated posts to The Great Discontent with a link to Kyle Steed’s interview. To get it out there, I first met Kyle at Brooklyn Beta as well and… he is super tall.

He’s also super friendly. I heard of Kyle long ago but I honestly had no idea he’d even know who I was let alone actually come up and say hi. It was super awesome meeting Kyle and having some words with him. I love his style and it comes through in his interview.

He’s recently gone through a career change and it’s really exciting for me to watch that happen. Kyle does great work and the next leg of his journey is going to be amazing.

His interview summarizes quite an awesome life story, full of the military, industry changes, romance in foreign lands, and the details behind how Kyle got to be where he is today. Kyle is a source of inspiration for me because he does what he loves and he does it in his own style. Definitely check out Kyle’s interview, and again check out The Great Discontent in it’s entirety. I know you’re still using RSS so add it to your reader.