The Great Discontent: Phil Coffman

The Great Discontent: Phil Coffman.

The recent interview with Noah prompted me to remember that I never published a link to the interview with Phil Coffman in the craziness during the time it was published.

I’ve also been following Phil longer than I can remember, and am constantly checking into what he’s been up to. He’s one of those guys who has struck the balance between producing and participating that I strive towards. He’s building things, he’s talking to people, and he’s involved.

I met Phil in person for the first time just minutes after first metting Noah at Brooklyn Beta, and had the luxury of talking to him about life, about business, and more about life. It was awesome.

The time at Brooklyn Beta went by too quick, I’m going to need to plan a trip to Texas to check out Element and while I’m at it head on over to California to pop in at Bold. The world is small, but it’s way too big.

The part of Phil’s interview that really resonated with me was the career path itself. As we talked about at Brooklyn Beta, we have very similar stories. It’s always great to meet someone with a similar background, it brings an instant camaraderie that’s difficult to strike up otherwise.

Brooklyn Beta is a common theme among Phil’s interview, Noah’s interview, our meeting for the first time there, these Asides describing the interviews and meetings, and I think my point here is that Brooklyn Beta is a special thing and you should keep your eye out for it next year. If Kevin and I miss out on tickets again, I think we’ll be sneaking down again without a second thought.