The Markdown Mark

Posted: March 14, 2012 Comments

The Markdown Mark by Dustin Curtis.

I didn’t really start using Markdown until about a year ago when I discovered Markdown on Save for WordPress. My actual Markdown usage started with this site.

I started with Markdown on Save because I am super fond of the way it works, it doesn’t actually store your Markdown in the post column of the database, no, it stores that in a different column, processes the Markdown and saves that into the post column of the database. That’s genius because if I were to ever use a different plugin, or suddenly begin to hate Markdown and disable the plugin, the posts would still be in the same state I left them.

Back to The Markdown Mark. Since using Markdown on MBN I’ve caught the bug, I get why everyone loves it, I really do. I’ve since started using it in other applications that support it, and that brings me to The Markdown Mark.

The latest idea from Dustin Curtis is straightforward: give Markdown an identity. Personally, I like it.

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