The State of WordPress Themes and ThemeForest

The State of WordPress Themes and ThemeForest | WPCandy.

WordPress has a lot to deal with. This isn’t some sort of excuse but the monstrous adoption rate of WordPress has resulted in tons of businesses built with a primary focus on something to do with WordPress. One such business that tends to catch a lot of slack is ThemeForest. As one of the most famous ‘premium’ storefronts for WordPress wares, it’s often faced with quality criticisms from fellow WordPress developers. There are also some of the most talented WordPress devs using ThemeForest as their primary method of sales. It’s great to hear that Collis recognizes the level of work to do but at the same time I’m sympathetic with his unique situation. I hope he continues to make refinements based on listening to the community as a whole, as ThemeForest is likely a very early exposure to WordPress for many people.