The top 20 HTML5 games

The top 20 HTML5 games | Feature | .net magazine.

Here’s a quick little fact: I hope to someday come up with a game idea and build it using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I don’t want to use jQuery or one of the (awesome looking) front end game engines beginning to mature, I want to build it from scratch.

That should help put the scope of this dream game into perspective: something super small that will act as a great learning experience for game-centric front end development.

Games are a unique breed, and I don’t want to cheapen the respect I have for the industry by saying “oh I think I’ll build a game some day” because what’s kept me from doing it so far is the talent, knowledge, time, and devotion it requires, as outlined in The top 20 HTML5 games from .net magazine.

Game screenshot

I like to take note of existing games out there in hopes of dissecting them as a method of self education. This list seems like a great place to start.