The Votes are in: Asides are on a Trial Run

Update: Along with this switch I will no longer be using FeedBurner exclusively. I’d appreciate it if you could take a minute to ensure your subscription URL is accurate to the links referenced in this post. Thanks in advance!

While not overwhelming, the bulk of the response I got from the original inquiry has been positive toward including asides from time to time, so I’m going to give it a run. That said, a few things will be updated around here. A separate RSS feed will be provided which will completely omit asides, and you can continue subscribing to Monday By Noon by reading feature weekly publications only. The main feed, however, will include both feature articles and asides from here on out. I’d also like to use this time to remind everyone of the comment feed as well, in case you’re in to that sort of thing.

Update: As per Ixai’s suggestion below, there is also an asides-only feed.

The weekly publications will continue as scheduled, forever. I don’t plan on overwhelming things with four asides an hour, maybe just a few a week, but I’m hoping it helps me to focus more on the little details that set designers apart from one another. I’d also like to call some attention to what I’m finding interesting on a development level as well, and those things don’t always support the need for a featured article. I really think everyone will benefit from a change like this, myself included.

Additionally, as you’ve no doubt noticed by now, Monday By Noon began providing excerpts only in the main feed. With the inception of asides, that will no longer be the case. While I found excerpts acceptable when only feature length articles were included, I don’t feel the same way about asides. I feel that with asides, readers should have the liberty to skip over a post after a quick skim of the content. Long story short, the feed will again be full content starting with this post.

Here’s to hoping you all enjoy the change!