Try/Catch Error Perf

Try/Catch Error Perf · jsPerf.

Performance is super important when it comes to front end engineering. I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m focusing on more involved implementations of JavaScript in prep for years of development to come and performance is one place I’d like to focus much. I’m sincerely enamored with the fine grained control we have over how things like animations happen and what effect that might have on the rendering engine in the browser. Further, the tools we’re being offered that facilitate exploration in these areas has my interest completely piqued.

There are also the basics to keep in mind though. This jsPerf implementation examines the difference between a try/catch block and a check for undefined. It’s interesting to see the results but it’s also interesting to keep in mind the difference in context between the two. The try/catch block potentially offers more context to the issue at hand and may be essential given the circumstances.