Update to MBN Memberships

Important: If you are already a MBN Member thank you! As part of my gratitude for supporting the site from the onset of Membership accounts, I’m giving each of you a free lifetime account. I’ve changed the way Memberships work under the hood, and you’ll notice the public feed is now full text, so please feel free to delete your members-only feed and subscribe to the public feed. After that, please cancel your PayPal subscription and email me your PayPal email address along with the email address you’d like to use with your free lifetime membership account and I’ll get you set up as I go.

As part of my plan for 2013, I’m going to revamp a few things around Monday By Noon, the first of which will be the Members section. I’d like to make this section exponentially more useful and focused over the year, and I’m planning to roll that out over the next month or so.

First things first: the public feed is again full text. That’s the first difference non-members will spy. Second, I’m going to begin again putting more effort behind more thorough walkthroughs. They might be working our way through a CSS3 implementation, step-by-step guides to accomplishing various tasks using WordPress, or any combination of the two. Bits and pieces of these articles will be accessible only to members, along with additional downloads and other possible resources such as screencasts and code samples.

I also really like helping people learn more about WordPress. Unfortunately I’m not able to spend nearly as much time as I’d like doing so, so Members will have the ability to request priority support for my plugins (faster turnaround, more personalized) as well as assistance with troubleshooting an area you might be stuck in. I’m finalizing the details about this because I’m not going to be able to leave it as an open-ended request form but instead something more structured so as to not leave people waiting exorbitant amounts of time for support.

Members are also going to receive other, more random benefits. For example I’m sitting next to a bookcase full of books I’d like to give away. Members will be entering to win any number of them for free. I’ll also be limiting other giveaways to Members only, hopefully I’ll be able to wrangle up a few goodies you’ll find interesting.

I’ve got a lot of ideas to breathe some life back into Monday By Noon, and this is the first step of many. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as other areas of the site get updated. If you signed up to be a Member before today, please be sure to contact me so I can set you up with your free lifetime account.