How I Use VMWare Fusion and Snapshots

How I Use VMWare Fusion and Snapshots –

We’re all likely very familiar with virtual machines. With each of us needing to test our product in as many applicable environments as possible, The Gauntlet, a virtual machine setup takes a bit of pain out of the equation as it adds a bit of convenience. Gone are the days of needing multiple machines to make sure your testing is accurate, we can run a number of virtual machines locally and call it a day.

My story is super similar to Jonathan’s. I’ve been using VMware since picking it up in beta near the time I first switched to Mac. I had looked over the shoulder of Parallels users and disliked what I saw, plus I was using VMware products in Linux for quite some time to run Windows to run Adobe apps, so it was familiar territory for me.

Screenshot of VMware Fusion

As Jonathan mentioned in his article, a number of people opt for something like IETester in an effort to keep the number of virtual machines to a minimum. IETester is a fantastic product for quick testing in my eyes, but there’s something more comforting about a native test for me.

Since reinstalling my local development environment not long ago, I went the Snapshot route. So far it’s a small bit more of a hassle in execution, a bit more disk space, but to me it’s a happy medium between full-on virtual machines for each browser install and using IETester, which is not a native environment.

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