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Everyone and their brother is linking to this today but I want to point out some stuff going on under the hood that I really like.

Wait. First go create an account at H&FJ because their fonts are just simply spectacular. We’ve been waiting for this day with bated breath and now that it’s here we can all completely jump on it (the prices are awesome).

Back to the front end on that site. I rarely take the time to view source anymore (aside from my own projects) but for some reason I did in this case. The first thing that struck me was actual, applicable use of Modernizr. I see so many projects including Modernizr for nothing more than an HTML5 shiv but in this case they’re really doing some neat things with it.

The next thing I noticed was extensive use of ../images/empty.gif which is H&FJ’s way of serving images to the applicable environment:

Screenshot of H&FJ website source

I also find it really interesting (but not surprising after thinking about it) that they took the time to create their “graphics” in as much code as possible. We’re going to see this a lot more.

Overall, like all things H&FJ, this site feels completely done, and that’s what I like so much about this company. Webfonts have been readily available for an eternity in Internet years, but H&FJ took the time they wanted to get things just right, and it shows.