What’s next for mobile now that adaptive design has failed?

Posted: May 25, 2012 Comments(1)

What’s next for mobile now that adaptive design has failed? | VentureBeat.

This article seems to in part parallel the ideas conveyed by Jakob Nielsen recently. This time applying opinion to observation of an actual product. How are you feeling about all of this? Do you think we’re a bit biased simply because the underlying technology is so great? What good is it if people in the world don’t buy into it like we do?

Personally I believe there’s a place for responsive design. Unfortunately it’s at that awkward teenager stage where it hasn’t matured into what it truly aspires to be. People are implementing it in their own way while we’re still laying out some pattern consistencies, and it’s just not there yet. But it will be.

Update the linked article is getting a lot of attention today, I don’t want it to look as though I’m glossing over the issue but I don’t want to simply dismiss the sensational article either. Elliot Jay Stocks has posted a lengthy response to the article that’s a great read.

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  1. I do agree that mobile design is still maturing. Heck, web design in general is still growing and changing.

    Saying that adaptive design has failed is just an incredibly premature, idiotic, and uneducated statement.

    My biggest issue lies in their opening statement: “it’s incredibly difficult to monetize on mobile devices.” Seems like they’re tossing in the towel because they can’t fill pages with ads and they have to actually come up with good UI. So since their poor design and ad spam doesn’t work, “adaptive design has failed.”

    I call bull. Mobile design is maturing and growing at an impressive rate. Many agencies need to step up their game, stop relying on old strategies, and stop spamming ads everywhere.

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