Why great ideas come when you aren’t trying

Why great ideas come when you aren’t trying : Nature News & Comment.

This is a refreshing read. I know for a fact that we’ve all lost count of how many times we’ve agonized over a solution to a problem only to have it magically appear in our brain on our commute home from work or in the shower the next day. It’s interesting to read evidence that creativity can take place much more easily when our minds are in fact allowed to wander. It sounds so counterintuitive but I know for a fact I’ve experienced it. Seemingly random bursts of solution that are so very valuable at just the right time.

Truth be told that’s how I took on writing Client Oriented WordPress Development, I simply waited for those bursts of inspiration and creativity and tried to maximize on that whenever possible. I didn’t try to force myself to produce because when I go down that road, I quickly feel like scrapping the entire project.